Malcolm and Maya Mathieson

Malcolm and Maya Mathieson are Kidshotz Senior Photographers. They travel through the entire area serviced by Kidshotz. Malcolm and Maya do all the photography in Sydney

Kellie Smith is our specialist baby and children's photographer working in the Gippsland and Latrobe Valley area. She is a mother of two small children herself and knows all about the challenges of parenting as well as being able to capture your kids as they really are.

In Canberra and the ACT Kidshotz has a local photographer, Annette Davis. Annette has a tribe, yep four kids and loves photographing babies and older kids even multi kids. She is a great personality loves getting that special image for you of your kids at home.

Maree Daynes is based in Shepparton but works for Kidshotz in Bendigo, Wangaratta and Benella as well. Maree is our only grandma; mind you she was very very young when that happened. Maree LOVES kids and even grandkids. A character, she will make you and your kids smile and look your best in Shepparton or Bendigo or anywhere close.

For people in Geelong, Ballarat and Adelaide Emily Whitbourne creates wonderful photographs of your kids or babies. She has two herself so knows how to handle yours!

In Melbourne we have Debbie Blennerhassett who has years of experience working with people and trained in the USA as a photographer. She can capture your kids as the real characters they are.

In Adelaide Malcolm and Maya visit every six weeks while training a new photographer.